Tips to take care of clothes in Winter

It would be best if you took care of clothes in all seasons, but winter is the time when the clothes need extra attention.

When you call commercial cleaning services, they do everything to maintain your clothes.

Here are some tips for those who want to maintain woolen clothes in-house.

Use gentle dish wash for delicate woolen clothes

Yes, you won’t believe, but regular dishwashing soap can do wonders for your delicate woolen clothes. Rinse them thoroughly in the soapy solution until there is no soap left.

Use cold water and natural laundry detergent for jackets

You should wash the jackets in the machine for half an hour or so on the gentle cycle. Thus, they get thoroughly cleaned.

To dry the jackets, set the dryer on a low setting.

There is a special tip: add a few tennis balls to the dryer to help the jackets re-fluffed.

If required, you can put them on the low dryer with a dryer sheet. Thus, you retain the crispiness and freshness.

Remove the stains immediately

If your woolen clothes have got stains, then do not wait to wash the clothes till the end of the season. The stains will set by the time, and you will have great difficulty in removing it.

Use a stain remover to treat spots.

When you hire laundry service pickup and delivery, everything will be managed by commercial cleaners.

Retain the shape of your sweaters

You should lay the sweaters on a paper and trace its outline. Wash them and wrap in a towel to soak up the excess water.

Lay the sweater on the paper and reshape it by aligning the outline. Let the sweaters dry flat.

You can suspend the sweaters over a towel bar or a rod. Thus, they will retain their shape.

There is another smart way of doing it, download the best laundry service app to outsource the work.

Use vinegar

When you sundry woolen clothes, they lose their softness and fluffiness. To avoid the woolen clothes becoming crunchy, you should add a half cup of vinegar when you run the rinse cycle.

Once there is no leftover detergent in the clothes, shake them and hang them to dry. If you feel that the clothes are not fluffy up to the mark, then place the woolen clothes in the dryer for five minutes. Use a slightly moist rag.

These tips will keep your clothes intact during chilling winters.