7 tips on How to take care of Shoes?

Why do you want to take the best care of your shoes? It is because they are usually the priciest and most delicate pieces. Therefore, you want to treat them with care, attention, and respect.

In the modern era of online services, it is convenient to install a laundry service app and book a service for shoe care.

However, there are some easy and quick ways to maintain the shine and charm of your shoes for a long time.

  1. You can purchase a shoe cleaning kit. It can clean all varieties of shoes. The special cleaning kit is hard on stubborn stains but soft on shoe fabric.
  2. Have you ever tried baby wipes on your shoes? Well, many people use it and find them really useful. However, when the shoes get spoiled, you need the services of the shoe laundry service in Bandra.
  3. Shoes that have textured grain, e.g., suede wear more as compared to smooth finish leather shoes. Hence, you should wear them occasionally and clean immediately after the use.
  4. Of course, you can’t save your shoes from extreme weather all the time but try to avoid as much as you can. At least, don’t wear expensive leather shoes when there is a forecast of thunderstorm or snowfall.
  5. Though it is an old idea, shoehorns are ideal for keeping the shoe box fresh. They preserve the structure and shape of the heels.
  6. Amongst all shoes, colored leather shoes are trickier to maintain. It is because you can’t find the exact shade of color polish. If exact color is not available, then you should use clear polish.
  7. Do not wait till the shoes get poorly spoiled. If you do not have time to clean them, better install a dry cleaning delivery app and get them cleaned.

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